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极度作品 | 腓特烈酒吧:佛里斯逍遥不羁「微醺自由」

· 2021-08-23 06:08:37

“人类所创造的万物中,没有哪一项能比酒吧更能给人们带来无限的温馨与幸福”。— 赛缪尔·约翰逊There is no private house in which people can en




— 赛缪尔·约翰逊

There is no private house in which people can enjoy themselves so well as at a capital tavern.

— Samuel Johnson


Originated in Europe, bar culture flourished in the United States and gradually came to China in the 1980s. After decades of collision and integration, it gradually combines with local characteristics, being a reflection of the temperament and culture of a city. In this design, we inherit the pure retro style on the one hand, and fully respect the Cantonese people’s exquisite life concept on the other, thus forming a local unique scenery.


First Floor


Entering into the bar, it’s like put yourself in the European art palace of Renaissance. The gorgeous classical murals, brown leather arc booth, luminous crystal chandeliers and pure solid wood escalators, as well as high-rise solid wood carved wine cabinets with great visual shock-all the grand yet elegant style of design has a strong appeal which makes every consumer relax themselves and abandon the impetuous and impatient mood. When sitting down to have a glass of wine, they’re surly indulged in the cozy atmosphere.


The hollow bar location is custom with a eight-meter-high pure wood wine cabinet with luxury style. Thousands of different kinds of whiskies are strewn in the grid randomly. There are some rare wines on the first layer of wine cabinet which are not on sale. The wines on the second layer are only offered once for every customer at night. While on the bottom of the wine cabinet, there are hundreds of gourmet wines. The bar is renowned as “the best in Guangdong” with the rich reserves and the ultimate quality, which offers different tastes of drinkers a chance to appreciate the elegance and enthusiasm of whisky.




"Frederick" is the most beautiful horse in the world today and the most brave king of Prussia. The name itself is very sporty and aggressive. The design of the bar is also as its name. The emerald lacquered finish and the large-area solid wood decoration create a cold and sharp impression. The linear curvature design of the cabinet and the fence makes the sense of strength and force extend along with the lines, creating a very rich law. The dynamic spatial form makes the space flow.

The wisdom and spirituality of the design totally depend on the emotional atmosphere of the space as well as the spiritual connotation. In order to bring consumers an immersive experience, our designer strictly takes control of every detail to make sure that consumers can encounter surprises one after another accidentally.



On the custom-carved railings and handrails of the stairs, the scene of a galloping horses appears vividly, which not only echoes the design theme, but highlights the intensity of the visual perception. Looking at the vintage candlesticks and the exquisite murals, consumers feel like stepping up the spiral ladder of European ancient castle. The resonance between the scene and human heart perfectly highlights the elegant aesthetics.


Second Floor





Regarding freedom as the pursuit of their lives, consumers who linger in bars are even more obsessed with the release of their desire by drinking alone or with others, fully and delightfully.


In this connection, the design team adopts the co-existence of openness and privacy in the design. In order to meet different needs of consumers, our designers make the dynamic and static partition achieved by deconstructing the space with stairs and columns, thus creating a multi-dimensional space where people can entertain themselves with drinking, meals and talks.



项目名称:腓特烈酒吧(FFB BAR)